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Waterproof EMS Infrared Edema Removal Pressotherapy Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong,China
Brand Name: MBS
Certification: CE
Model Number: MBS-AP02D
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: stronger package
Delivery Time: 7-9 days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000pieces/Month
Detail Information
Operation System: Far Infarred Pressotherapy Warranty: 1 Year
Feature:: Lymphatic Drainage, Body Slimming Technology: Infrared + Air Presso+EMS
Air Bags: 20units Work Mode: 5 Mode
Function: Weight Loss,lymphatic Drainage Blanket Material: Waterproof
Product Name: 3 In 1 Pressotherapy Infrared Temperature: 75 Degrees
High Light:

Edema Removal Pressotherapy Machine


EMS Infrared Pressotherapy Machine


Waterproof Pressotherapy Machine

Product Description

Waterproof EMS Infrared Edema Removal Pressotherapy Machine


EMS Infrared Edema Removal Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy Machine



3 in 1 Pressotherapy Specification 


Technology infrared and air presso and EMS 
Air bags 20units
work mode 5 mode
Function weight loss,lymphatic drainag
blanket material waterproof
Infrared temperature 75 degrees
Arm size 52cm a round
waist size 152cm a round
thigh size 72cm a round
Operation System vacuum 
Feature  lymphatic drainage
Certification CE 
Application  arms,belly,waist,thighs,leg

3 in 1 Pressotherapy principle

Presso Therapy is for optimal weight loss results, providing you with a detoxifying compression system designed to increase the venous and lymphatic flow and enhance extra cellular fluid clearance.
Presso Therapy helps to slim and detoxify, improves circulation and increases lymphatic drainage, relieves pain, swelling and water retention.

Pressotherapy is a non-invasive treatment that is used to unblock and enhance the flow of the lymphatic system; the network of organs and vessels that circulate body fluids throughout our body to play a significant part in our immune system. The flow of lymph fluid can get congested as proteins and toxins become trapped around the cells and resulting in the lymphatic flow becoming sluggish and slow.

Air Pressure Pressotherapy
With 20 pcs air bags,the pressotherapy massage the whole or certain parts of the body with four different programs.The natural compression is useful to increase the venous , lymphatic flow,enhance the extra-cellular fluid clearance.Except for the supplement treatment before and after the cellulite treatment,the pressotherapy is also for home use,such as massage the muscle,release the fatigue and pain.


Far Infrared Therapy

The far infrared treatment can raise the body temperature,as the body warms,to cool itself down,it will sweat,increase the blood circulation and the basic metabolic rate,it is a natural and fast way for weight lose.

Electro Muscle Stimulation
Creating electric pulse to stimulate the target area on body, EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) can effectively regulate bio-electric, endocrine system and accelerate metabolism, reaching remarkable effect of weight losing and skin tightening.


3 in 1 Pressotherapy  Functions
1. Fat dissolution
2. Elimination of fat
to. Far infrared works on fat tissue and dissolve the fat cell with heat radiation. The quantity of fat cell decrease largely.
b. Regular Inflation and deflation and variational air pressure lead to fat cell rubbing and fragmentation.
.Far infrared release a great deal of heat energy, speed up blood circulation and biochemical reaction, promote metabolism, consume a great deal of AIP, lead to catabolism of fat C.
3. Shrink of fat
Heat radiation rise up the temperature of local tissue, the pore of skin expand, perspiration largely, the water outside of the cell (water inside of fat cell) enter into blood, lead to decrease the volume of fat cell in great deal.
4. Lymph toxin excretion
5. Remission of muscle spasm
to. Capillary expanding, speeding up the blood circulation, waste of metabolism anddissolved fat entering into the blood and lymph.
b. Air chamber works more regularly and directively through air pressure, promote lymphatic system reflux, drain the toxin out of body.
Far infrared irradiation decrease tension of skeletal smooth muscle and relief tension and spasm of muscle.
6. Others:
Inflammation diminishing, analgesia, promote regeneration of tissue, soften scar.
FiChoose infrared presso function or ems function.



How a pressotherapy machine works

Pressotherapy is typically performed in spas or wellness centers that may also offer facials, waxing, or massage. A trained esthetician will perform the procedure. Pressotherapy is similar to a lymphatic drainage massage, but while massage is performed by hand, pressotherapy is administered by a machine that dispenses the correct amount of pressure every time. Here’s how the procedure works:

You will arrive at your appointment and be led to the pressotherapy chair or bed. You do not need to remove your clothes. While you can learn how to give yourself an at-home lymphatic drainage massage, pressotherapy should always be done in office with a trained practitioner.
The esthetician will help you get into the garment (which looks sort of like an astronaut’s space suit). This can be wrapped around the legs, your midsection, arms or all three.

The garment has tubes on it that are hooked up to a computerized air pressure machine. The garment will inflate with air and you will feel a squeezing sensation that should feel like pressure, not pain.

A typical session will last for 30 to 45 minutes. Your body may feel light afterward, and anecdotally, some people feel they have to urinate right away, which could be due to the movement of water in the body. You can get pressotherapy done as often as twice a week.

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