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Led PDT Skin Care Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: GuangDong,China
Brand Name: MBS
Certification: CE
Model Number: MBS-L05
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: stronger package
Delivery Time: 5-9 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal
Detail Information
Feature: Pigment Removal, Skin Tightening, Whitening, Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Treatment, Dark Circles, Wrinkle Remover Product Name: Single PDT Pad
LED Color: Red+Blue+Yellow Life Rating: 100.000 Hours
Output Wave 1: Red 640nm+/-5nm Output Wave 2: Blue 470nm+/-5nm
Output Wave 3: Yellow 640nm+/-5nm Voltage: 220V 50Hz Or 110V 60Hz
Output Power: 120mw/cm2 Working Mode: 7 Mode
Function: Ance Removal, Pigment Removal, Whitening , Anti-wrinkle
High Light:

417nm Led PDT Skin Care Machine


590nm PDT Skin Care Machine


50Hz PDT Skin Care Machine

Product Description

LED PDT Skin Care Machine


Facial Treatment 7 Led Acne Wrinkle PDT Photodynamic Therapy Equipment





Technology photodynamic therapy LED light
Application salon use/clinic use 
Type PDT
certification CE
light source LED cold light
wavelength 417nm , 633nm,590nm, 850nm
LED color blue ,red, IR, yellow
Life Rating 100.000 hours
Output Wave 1 Red 640nm+/-5nm
Output Wave 2 Blue 470nm+/-5nm
Output Wave 3 Yellow 640nm+/-5nm
Voltage 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
Output Power 120mw/cm2





PDT(Photodynamic Therapy) is a new technology is systemic administation of a photo sensitiser, which a stimulated by photon, chemical and biologic process. PDT can treat a wide range of skin problem sucessfully without the side effect. The operation is easy and no requirement of clinical professional.



PDT Functions


Red light function(640nm):

Anti ageing, stimulate collagen production hence reduces fine wrinkle lines, rejuvenating, increasing blood flow and anti-inflammatory, photodynamic therapy and photo modulation therapy.


Yellow light function(590nm):

590nm specific yellow irradiated skin, accelerate blood circulation, activate cells, stimulate active role in cell excitability; promote collagen synthesis.


Blue light function(470nm):

Purifying, antibacterial, especially for acne treatment, problematic and oily skin treatment and cell activation.


Infrared (940nm):

Infrared LEDS are used for improving the process of metabolism and blood circulation and anti-inflammation.



PDT Applications


1. Removing flecks, sunning spots, pigment sediments, reduction of sunlight damage to skin;

2. Treatment for spots, dark sores and folliculitis

3. Lightening acne and capillary vessel expansion

4. Smoothing wrinkles and tightening skin

5. Shrinking coarse pores and curing skin roughness

6. Treatment for dark or dim skins caused by deficient metabolism or circulation

7. Release of fatigue, reduction of pressure and improvement on sleep

8. Curing skin scurf or folliculitis-caused hair losing

9. Recovery from slight pathological replacements of facial nerves

10. Recovery of injured skin:

(1). Skin recovery after skin replacement, recovery from tattoo or tattoo allergy
(2). Laser eyebrow washing, instant recovery from tattoo washing, sensitive skin recovery
(3). Recovery from skin burns, blisters, or pigment sediments caused by excess energy or improper operation during photon treatment.



(1) LED photodynamic therapy Product introduction


As the latest high-tech product, LED Photodynamic Therapy device uses gene biological wave as light source, with a special light signal transmission technology, but not heat effect. During the treatment, photosensitive collagen could be used, and it could lead into hypoderma fast and efficiently, absorbed by cell, generate the most efficient photochemical reaction--enzymatic reaction, which can improve cell viability, promote metabolism, make skin secrete collagen and fibrous tissue; meanwhile, it increases white blood cell's phagocytosis, and then comes to the effect of repair, rejuvenation, skin whitening, acne treatment.



(2) LED photodynamic therapy Application


1 All the skin diseases caused by sunlight damage and aging include facial blemishes, dermal spots, freckles, sun spots, pigmentation and so on.

2 Acne, acne marks and folliculitis.

3 Red streaks, acne rosacea, stolid.

4 Wrinkles, fine lines and skin relaxation



(3) LED photodynamic therapy Product Features


1. With 1820units high power LEDs which is arranged in a matrix structure.

2. variety of light source combination(6 kinds) to meet different needs of treatment, widely used in skin beauty and cure

3. cantilever design, flexible operation, easy use, the upper lifting arm can be lifted and lowered vertically, and can be fixed in any angle

4. 8” LCD touching screen, rotated by 360°,easy operation and convenient for home use.5 kinds of default therapeutic schedule for daily use

5. Warmly voice to remind patient, and make the treatment comfortable andrelax.

6. Light intensity can be adjusted according to the requirement of treatment

7. Dual protection by starting key and power-on password. No need to worry about the mis-use by other unrelatedpersonnel

8. No invasive treatment, no damage to skin cells, no side effects

No need to special care after treatment, can make up as usual


Led PDT Skin Care Machine 0



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