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Professional Physiotherapy Pain Relief RF RET CET Tecar Therapy Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangzhou,China
Brand Name: MBS
Certification: CE
Model Number: MBS-RF09B
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: stronger package
Delivery Time: 7-9DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detail Information
OEM Service: Put Your Logo In The Interface RF Type: Ret Cet Rf
RF Frequency: 10Mhz RET Heads: 4pcs
RET Tips Material: Stainless Steel Maximum Power Consumption: 400W
Maximum Intensity: 80Ma RMS Out Modes: Round Electodes/ Rectangle Type
Treatment Timer: 0-60 Minutes
High Light:

10mhz RF Tecar Therapy Machine


Physiotherapy Pain Relief Tecar Therapy Machine


80Ma RMS Tecar Therapy Machine

Product Description

Indiba Physiotherapy Pain Relief Rf RET CET Tecar 9.2 Device





RF Frequency 0.48Mhz
Certification CE Rohs
Treatment mode Pulse/Continues adjustable
RET handle tips quantity 3 different size tips
Maximum Power Consumption 400W
Temperature of Dermis 45-60 celsius degrees
Technology CET RET tecar RF
Intensity 0-20 levels adjustable
Treatment Timer 0-60 minutes
Maximum Power Consumption 300W
Out Modes Round Electodes/ Rectangle Type
Treatment area eyes,body,face



Tecar RET RF -Theropy:

RET RF energy is a high-frequency current operating at 0.3~0.5 MHz depending on the selected mode. This non-invasive current stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanisms, promoting cellular exchange. In combination with the therapist’s manual approach, it offers excellent rehabilitation results thanks to fast recovery of muscle and joint functions.

Meanwhile It can penetrate directly into the deep subcutaneous adipose tissue(DSAT) to a depth of 1~12cm and generate energy with the help of skin-formed impedance. Meanwhile, RET wave can make molecular cell to generate strong rotating resonant (24million and 500 thousand times per second), which causes intense collision among cells and makes the fat cells explode instantaneously when the nuclear magnetic vibrations frequency reach the highest range. It reaches a body EMShapeing result by heating the deep fat layer then luqifying fat, accelerating the cycle of the deep layer blood capillary and lymphatic tissue. Excreting the melted fat by the body's natural metabolism.

Benefits : One treatment 97% result !!!
Immediate Benefits Immediate relief of pain Early mobilization Reduction of edema Elimination of contractures Benefits in the Medium Term Tissue regeneration. Decrease of recovery time. Effective and stable solution for chronic pathologies No adverse effects. More frequent sessions.




Muscular injuries
Joint capsulitis
Cervicalia Bone and ligament trauma
Tendon injuries and bursitis
Lumbalgia and ischialgia
Arthrosis processes
Rehabilitation programs

The Resistive and CApacitive modes and their ability to concentrate energy in hard and soft tissues respectively depend on the frequency of the tecar current and not on the use of a different type of plate. The insulated plate is covered in a suitable material which does not increase impedance. The flow of the tecar current through the insulated plate causes an increase in the temperature of the plate which is proportional to the thickness of the coating and which depends on the type of insulation used. – changes the thermal sensation on the surface of the treatment but does not change the way in which the tecar current interacts with biological tissues and the way in which the energy is concentrated, which is a function of the frequency.- Being another impedance positioned between the device and the biological tissues, causes a loss of power/energy which is dissipated from the plate and not released to the relevant biological tissues.

Permeability current of TECAR cytoplasmic membrane

Intercellular heat energy

Re-adjust and stabilize the magnetic field, orderly flow in the body

Improve the body's natural healing power and resistance

Accelerate systemic cell metabolism, unblock blood and lymph to remove excess waste

Balance cell ion alternation and help cells repair their natural functions

Reduction of cellulite and visceral fat by microcirculation of oxygen in cells


Produces a very fast electrical oscillating ion flow of cellular composition that makes the plasma membrane permeable,

Promote communication between cells inside and outside, eliminate strain problems, and heal tissue more quickly.


Effectively inhibits symptoms such as pain for up to 48 hours.

Energy oscillations interrupt the pain signal (hyperpolarization and depolarization),

When the pain sensory is blocked, the patient can immediately relieve the pain.

Effectively relieves muscle pain caused by various causes

Such as excessive strain, sudden rough work and long-term movements, muscle pressure and other pain.


Combine CET and RET to bring out 6 times fast troubleshooting function.

Quick and efficient drainage and detoxification, starting in 30 seconds, I feel that heat can run in the body.

When Tecar increases energy, biological tissue naturally transforms into heat.

Accelerate circulation in the body and release energy flow.

Because fat and toxins in the body will follow the circulation into the blood vessels,

Through the 6x rapid resolution function, fat and body waste will be quickly excreted.


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