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Vibrating Massager Bra Vacuum Breast Enlargement Pump Breast Enlargement Pump Breast Massager Machine Vacuum Therapy Mac

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Top Beauty
Certification: CE
Model Number: TB-SL11D
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Strong Package
Delivery Time: 5-8days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C, D/A
Supply Ability: 50pcs/month
Detail Information
Product Name: Vacuum Butt Lifting Machine Double Cups: 4 Pcs
Base Cups: 6 Pcs Vacuum Rollers: 2 Pcs
Big Cups: 2pcs Working Program: 35 Programs
Vacuum Power: 99KPA Touch Screen: Yes
Treatment Areas: Face And Body Function: Body Slimming,Butt Lifting, Lymphatic Drainage

Product Description

Lymphatic Drainage Vacuum Therapy Buttocks Enhancement Machine


Body Slimming Lymphatic Drainage Vacuum Therapy Butt Lifting Machine



Starvac sp2 Specification:


Accessories 1 4*double suction cup
Accessories 2 6*base cup
Accessories 3 2different size roller
Working program 35 program
Treatment program 1 beauty and body care
Treatment program 2 therapeutic application
Name starvac sp2 vacuum slimming machine for sale
Treatment area face, neck, arm, hand,belly, hip,thigh leg,foot.
Service OEM & ODM
Operation System SUPERSONIC
Technology vacuum roller rf machine RF laser Vacuum
Certification CE ROHS
Application pressional use



Vacuum Butt Lifting Principle:


1. Negative pressure: The negative pressure inside the cup can make the local capillaries hyperemia, stimulate organs, enhance cell viability, promote functional activities, and improve the body's resistance; mechanical stimulation of negative pressure can be transmitted to the central nervous system through the reflex pathway. Adjusting nerve activity tends to balance. Inhalation and deflation of the operation, the increase of the negative pressure, and the disappearance of the disappearance, make the local pores open and close, promote skin respiration, increase the amount of oxygen absorption, and speed up waste elimination. It has the effect of warming the meridian, promoting qi and activating blood circulation, opening the phlegm and relaxing gluten, dispersing phlegm, removing phlegm and eliminating evil.


2. Far-infrared rays: The warm stimuli produced will expand the local blood vessels, promote local blood circulation, improve metabolism and tissue nutrition, increase the permeability of blood vessels and cells, strengthen the phagocytic capacity of the reticuloendothelial system, and contribute to nutrition. Absorption and local poisonous expulsion. Equivalent to TCM therapy. It has the functions of warming and dispersing the cold, regulating qi and activating blood circulation, passing through the active collateral, and returning to the yang to rescue the converse. Medical clinical experiments have proved that far-infrared rays have a warm function. In the range of 6-14 microns, they can penetrate the human skin to the subcutaneous tissue, dredge the meridians and circulate through the blood circulation, improve cell viability, prevent cancer, prevent breast diseases, and regulate nerves. System, enhance immunity and other effects.

3. Blood circulation: The blood circulation device can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue seven millimeters, combined with deep massage to make blood gas flow, clear the breast acini, make invisible gas to drive visible blood, transport oxygen and nutrients to the breast, and stimulate the brain Pituitary secretion of female hormones, strengthen the connective tissue of the breast, stimulate the growth and development of the breast. Promote uterine contraction, tighten skin elastic fibers, prevent skin tissue loose and scattered.

4. High-frequency magnetic vibration massage: There is a high-frequency magnetic vibration device inside the cup, which is a new type of beauty care equipment that combines magnetic point massage and electric massage. The dual effect of magnetic field and vibration massage produced by magnetic vibration massage device acts on the body's affected parts, meridians or acupuncture points, promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, enhances vitality of body cells, and produces various expected effects.



Vacuum Butt Lifting Accessories:


1. Pwerful Double suction Cup:

Automatic Mode: the double suction cups, which are hole less, must be used for pulsed vacuum treatment. Starvas SP2 makes it possible to use up to 4 double suction cups timultaneously.


2. Melt Fat Roller:

The two inner mobile rollers perform a circular massage, reproducing the “palpating& rolling” technique, while the two outer rollers allow the suction head to glide more easily across the surface of the skin.


3. Different Shape Base Cups:

Manual Mode: the treatment basic suction cups are fitted with a hole that can be blocked with the finger, to provoke suction or rhythmic vacuum.

Automatic mode: basic suction cups are also availabe hole less. In that case, the appliance pulsed vacuum mode created the rhythmic vacuum.


4. 2 Big Cups for Butt:

Lifting women’ buttocks, arrive S shape body.



Vacuum Butt Lifting Functions


1) green energy Breast: Breast, breast, tight chest, plastic chest. Chest movement, eliminate Furu,
strengthen heart and lung function, prevention of breast disease.
2) reproductive treatments Maintenance: female uterus, ovary, improving vaginal relaxation,
urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, frigidity; regulate female hormones,
improve dysmenorrhea, improve endocrine, delay menopause. Men kidney care.
3) head SPA care: improving dizzy head up, migraine headaches; eye fatigue, tinnitus,
allergic rhinitis, alopecia, dandruff and other treatment of some help.
4) facial rejuvenation treatment: to improve dull, sallow skin, reduce nasolabial folds,
crow's feet and so on. Face lift can be achieved, face EMShapeure, plastic face-lift and other effects.
5) shoulder / neck / back pressure: Shun air conditioning, muscle relaxation;
to improve chest tightness, heart palpitations, shoulder pain, acidic sub-health physical fitness, prevent scoliosis, hunched, conditioning organs, back to clear the meridians,
back Shu pressure, scraping detoxification relax like. At the same time can improve stiff neck, arm tingling,
improve sleep quality.
6) waist and abdomen body EMShapeing treatment: thin waist, stomach and intestines, stool elimination,
increase gastrointestinal motility, strengthen stomach function, to eliminate beer belly;
improve lower back pain, muscle strain and so on.
7) lower body rash course: improve varicose veins, capillaries emerge, edema, tingling legs,
knees and health care.
8) body rejuvenation treatment: stovepipe skinny arms, hips, buttock, plastic hip, improve constipation,
lose weight, slim body EMShapeure

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