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100Hz Electromagnetic Muscle Training EMS EMShapeing Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong,China
Brand Name: MBS
Certification: CE
Model Number: MBS-SL20B
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: stronger package
Delivery Time: 6-12days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000 pieces/month
Detail Information
Technolog: EMS EMShape Feature: Weight Loss, Muscle EMShape
Theory: Electromagnetic Pulses Handle: 2 Handles
Frequency: 1 - 100 Hz Energy Intensity: 0 - 7 Tesla
OEM&ODM: Accept Keywords: EMS EMShape System
Treatment Area: Body ,Legs, Arms ,Abdomen ,Hips Advantage: Non-invasive
High Light:

100Hz EMS EMShapeing Machine


Electromagnetic EMS EMShape Machine


Muscle Training EMS EMShape Machine

Product Description

100Hz Electromagnetic Muscle Training EMS EMShapeing Machine


body shape Electromagnetic Muscle Training machine EMS EMShape





Function buttock lifting,build muscle and burn fat
Technology high-intensity focused electromagnetic
Applicator size 170mm large treated area
Energy intensity 0 to 7 Tesla
OEM&ODM Acceptable
Technology High Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic
Power Supply AC110-220V
Advantage skin tightening, body fat loss, muscle lifting
Handles 2
Treatment area Belly, Abdomen, Buttocks, Thighs
Function 1 Fat Removal
Function 2 Muscle Building
Function 3 Buttocks Toning
Function 4 Body EMShapeing



What is EMS EMShape


EMS EMShape is the only procedure which helps women and men build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. In addition, EMS EMShape provides the world's first non-invasive buttock toning procedure.


2020 Newest desgin EMScuplt Body slimming High Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic (HIPEM) technology for body slimming, firming and fat burning. Professional device for beauty salons and physicians who want to offer their clients the most up to date and effective non-invasive body contouring treatments.


EMScuplt Body slimming builds muscle and burns fat at the same time. Electromagnetic pulses induce supramaximal muscle contractions which force muscle tissue to adapt, leading to an increase in muscle growth while burning fat though lipolysis.



How EMScuplt Body Slimming & Muscle Lifting Works?


It is the latest Korean designed treatment technology for non-invasive body slimming and EMShapeing that builds muscle and burns fat at the same time. High intensity pulsed electromagnetic stimulation offers continuous muscle contraction without muscle relaxation, therefore allowing the muscle to work at its maximum capacity. These extreme contraction conditions require the muscle to adapt and develop muscular mass over the treated area, while burning fat.Clinical studies report an average fat reduction of 19% associated with an increase in muscle mass of 16% during a treatment consisting of 4 to 6 sessions, spaced every 2 to 3 days.Treatments areas include abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs.



Safe and Comfortable Treatment


(HIPEM) High-Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Technology It’s like doing 20,000 crunches or squats in just 30 minutes without the hard work and sweat 30-Minute Treatments Treatments are quick and can be performed during a lunch break. Clinically Proven Fully tested in 7 independent studies for safety and effectiveness.


Features and Benefits:


Builds muscle & Burns fat Together!


Non-invasive buttock lifting procedure


Suitable for everyone - No anaesthesia - No surgery


Only a 30 minute walk in walk out procedure


Only 4 session needed 2-3 days apart


Feels like an intensive workout


Safe with No downtime


Instant results but gets better after two to four weeks


16% average increase in muscle mass


19% on average fat reduction





* Offer your clients the latest in cutting edge body contouring treatment technology

* Just turn on and let the system do the work for you

* Simple and easy to use operation

* Zero consumables

* Non-invasive, no downtime, no side effects and pain-free

* Recommended treatment cost $800 (single visit)

* Comes with 2 applicators, allowing treatments for stomach, buttocks, arms, and thighs



1. 7 Tesla High Intensity
TeslaEMShape based on 7 Tesla high-intensity magnetic energy, which could cover big skeletal muscles of the human body and this high energy level allows muscle response with a deep remodeling of its inner structure.

2. Stronger Stimulation
Double layer Coil generates d.eeper and stronger high intensity electromagnetic effects

3. Liquid Cooling Technology
TeslaEMShape equipped with liquid-cooled applicators that allows long time operation without any overheating issue

4.Double EMShapeing
Two Magnetic Stimulation Applicators to treat all of your concerns independently or simultaneously.

5. High Efficiency
TeslaEMShape allows you to do 36,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes for toning, building muscle and while at the same time dissolving fat.



How Does It Work?


EMS EMShape is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. A single EMS EMShape session causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions which are extremely important in improving the tone and strength of your muscles.



The science why people are saying YES to EMS EMShape


Efficacy and safety have been tested in many multicentre studies using the most reputable scientific methods (MRI, CT, US and Histology)



Am I A Candidate?

Anyone can benefit from the EMS EMShape procedure. Ask your provider for more details.



What Is The Treatment Time?

20-30 minute treatment with minimum of 4 sessions scheduled 2-3 days apart. Your provider will help you create a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals.



What Does It Feel Like?

The EMS EMShape procedure feels like an intensive workout. You can lie down and relax during the treatment.



Is There Any Downtime? Any Pre/Post Treatment Preparation?

The EMS EMShape is non-invasive and requires no recovery time or any pre/post treatment preparation.



How Fast Will I See Results?

You begin to feel tangible results right after the treatment. Positive results are usually reported two to four weeks after the last session and continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments.



100Hz Electromagnetic Muscle Training EMS EMShapeing Machine 0100Hz Electromagnetic Muscle Training EMS EMShapeing Machine 1100Hz Electromagnetic Muscle Training EMS EMShapeing Machine 2

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