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Tecar 2.0 Pain Relief Therapy Machine Physio 448khz Frequency

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangzhou,China
Brand Name: MBS
Certification: CE
Model Number: MBS-RF05C
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: stronger package
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detail Information
Application: For Commercial,Spa ,clinic Warranty: 1 YEAR
RF Type: Monopolar RF RF Frequency: 0.3Mhz,0.5Mhz
Temperature: 45-60 Celsius Degrees Screen: LCD Display
Material: ABS Voltage: 110V/220V 50-60Hz
Feature: Face Lift, Skin Rejuvenation, Weight Loss, Wrinkle Remover Technology: CET RET RF
High Light:

Tecar 2.0 Pain Relief Therapy Machine


448khz Pain Relief Therapy Machine


RF pain relief machine

Product Description

Pain Relief Indiba Therapy Physio 448khz Machine Tecar 2.0





Product name tecar therapy machine
Function pain reduce , low back pain therapy
Certificate CE
Application Rehabilitation Centre , clinic , physiotherapy center
Usage physical therapy
Voltage AC100V~240V/47~63Hz
Technology CET RET
Advantage Powerful and portable
Name CET and RET rf physiotherapy
Color White
RET Handle Tips Quality 3 different size tips
Treatment area eyes,body,face



Tecar technology

The device mobilizes electrolytes in biological tissue and stimulates blood perfusion in carefully targeted parts of the body. The therapist can increase and control important body responses, achieving great results in terms of biomechanics, inflammatory process management, tissue oxygenation, regeneration and healing process support.


The therapist uses Tecar Machine to quickly stimulate perfusion, vasodilation, temperature variation and drainage within the selected tissue. These leverages are used to get effective results in less time.
By controlling the applied voltage, the therapist can control the power generated and the electrolytes mobilized. The more electrolytes mobilized, the more perfusion and joules are developed within the tissue.


In capacitive mode, the charging and discharging cycles of the capacitor induce an attraction - and therefore a concentration - of polarized minerals towards the dielectric material of the capacitive electrode.


In resistive mode, there is an attraction – and therefore a concentration – of polarized minerals towards the resistive tissue in the body: bones and other hard structures such as ligaments and tendons. Changing mineral concentration in selected areas of the body triggers complex cellular responses based on the membrane potential threshold mechanisms which, in turn, result in physiological effects such as perfusion, vasodilation, temperature increase, and fluid movements.


In Resistive mode, the lower frequency current flows through the resistive parts of the body (bones, ligaments, important tendons etc.). The resistive mode concentrates the energy mainly on the hard tissues, such as joints, ligaments, tendons and bones.



1. Theory

(1) CET (Capacitive Electric Transfer)

This is a method that allows the RF electrical current to be transferred "by capacity" (principle of the electrical capacitor) to the patient's body via a moveable external application electrode. This is covered with an insulating film which acts as dielectric and the body acts as a second plate of the capacitor. A return plate closes the circuit. The electric circulation through the resistive medium formed by the live tissues increases its temperature.

(2) RET (Resistive Electric Transfer)

Targeted Radiofrequency Diathermy Therapy Device works deeper targeted tissue than current superficial diathermy therapy devices. It transfers high frequency electromagnetic energy through the tissues of the body creating selective tissue hyperthermy, it can decompose body fatty cell, so as to loss weight.


2. Features

(1) CET (Capacitive Electric Transfer)
A. Effective for skin lifting, pain relief.
B. Go into 3~5cm depth of skin.
C. Current to be transferred by Capacity to patient.
D. Insulated Electrode.
E. Wrinkle Removal.

(2) RET (Resistive Electric Transfer)
A. Effective for the subcutaneous fat.
B. Go into 9~12cm depth of skin.
C. Current to be transferred directly to the patient.
D. Stainless Steel Electrode (not Insulated).
E. Weight Loss.


3. Application

(1) Face and neck lifting & remodelling.
(2) Tightening and lifting flaccid areas of the face.
(3) Reduces wrinkles.
(4) Lift sagging skin.
(5) Enhances luminosity of the skin.
(6) Fat reduction.
(7) Body remodelling.
(8) Cellulite treatment and skin partial reconstruction.
(9) Increase collagen level.
(10) Tighten loose skin.
(11) Muscle relaxation, edema reduction, pain relief.



These stimulating and relaxing movements restore the bio-mechanical structure more quickly and give muscles back their tone .


Muscle injuries


Ligament injuries

Can be safely used around metal implants and plates and screws

Muscle tears


Acute pathologies

Chronic pathologies

Sub-acute pathologies



​​FAQ :


Is Tecar Therapy painful?

Tecar Therapy is not painful. During the treatment the patient feels a pleasant warm sensation, which makes the therapy extremely comfortable.


How long does treatment take?

Tecar Therapy treatments can vary in duration from a few minutes to some tens of minutes, depending upon the pathology, the required effect and the size of the area to be treated.


How long before the first results are seen?

It is possible to appreciate the benefits of Tecar Therapy immediately after the first treatment. Tecar Therapy delivers energy to biological tissues, activating microcirculation and stimulating the lymphatic system. Benefits are immediate and long-lasting. Obviously, in order to optimize therapeutic results and benefits, correct diagnosis and an adequate therapeutic protocol are of fundamental importance.


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