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high quality luxury lifting MMfu machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Top Beauty
Certification: CE
Model Number: TB-HF011
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detail Information
Product Name: Mini Beauty Bar Face Lifting Cartridge: 3.0mm/4.5mm
Level:: 5 Level Adjustable Feature: Wrinkle Remover, Skin Rejuvenation, Face Lift, Skin Tighte
Battery Capacity: 3350mAh Color: Gold/Silver
Mode: 3 Modes Using Time:: 15-20mins Per Treatment
Voltage: 5V 2000mA Technology: 7d Focused Ultrasound

Product Description

The home HIFU beauty machine is a breakthrough research and development of dual HIFU technology, which can reach 3mm and 4.5mm at the same time, allowing you to enjoy safe and effective skin tightening and improving care at home. It also comes with an eye tip specially designed for subtle areas to reduce the appearance of fine lines.
HIFU principle
HIFU utilizes the principle of heat coagulation in the focal area by collecting sunlight at the focal point such as a concave lens to directly stimulate the dermis layer to promote the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers and restore the elasticity of the skin. Ultrasonic energy enters the layers of skin (dermis) and fascia (SMAS), affecting skin elasticity and wrinkling without causing damage to the skin surface.
Ultrasonic energy enters the layers of the skin (dermis) and fascia (SMAS), affecting the elasticity and wrinkling of the skin
without incising or causing damage to the skin's surface. It is a beauty device that uses the principle of HIFU to improve skin clarity without causing damage or damage to the skin. It promotes collagen and elastic fiber regeneration by penetrating ultrasound energy into layers of skin (dermis) and fascia (SMAS) at a depth of 1.5mm, 3.0mm and/or 4.5mm.
Exquisite design with subtle elegant curves
Simple to use,one-touch operation and compact size that can be handled with one hand
Conspicuous OLED,clearly check battery level and output strength even during the day.
DUALSONIC,thermal energy can be generated by focusing the ultrasonic waves generated from the supplied high frequency pulses.
Ultrasonic ceramics are also used to condense energy.
Can be used anywhere
Simple to use
easy to operate


high quality luxury  lifting MMfu machine 0



high quality luxury  lifting MMfu machine 1



high quality luxury  lifting MMfu machine 2


high quality luxury  lifting MMfu machine 3

When using, you can choose the depth of the HIFU machine into the skin, there are 3.0mm, 4.5mm, DUAL (3.0mm and 4.5mm at the same time

You choose which depth to use based on the position of the face you want to use. In addition, in order to take care of the eye area, it is additionally equipped with a 1.5mm depth bald head, so that it can be used in small areas such as the eye area.

Product dimension:21.3*5.5*3cm
Weight: 307g
Shot Count(Eye):60000
Shot Count(face):6000
Voltage:100V-240V Universal voltage

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