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Treatment Deep Tissue Physical Therapy Laser Machine 635nm 405nm Red Laser

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MBS
Certification: CE
Model Number: MBS-HPLT002
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Carton package
Delivery Time: 5-8 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000pieces/month
Detail Information
Product Name: Low Level Laser Therapy Machine Maximum Reach Of Laser Head: 110CM
Maximum Reach Of Elevator: 500mm Power Of Diode Laser: 500mw
Wavelength Of Diode Laser: 405nm ,635nm Number Of Diode Laser: 10pcs
Function: Rehabilitation,sport Injury Recovery,pain Relief
High Light:

Deep Tissue Physical Therapy Laser Machine


635nm Physical Therapy Laser Machine


Pain Management Physical Therapy Laser Machine

Product Description


Low-Level Laser Therapy at 635nm acute Chronic Neck Shoulder Pain sport injury recovery



product name Low level laser therapy machine
Maximum reach of laser head 110CM
Maximum reach of elevator 500mm
Number of diode laser 10pcs
function Rehabilitation,sport injury recovery,pain relief
wavelength of diode laser 405nm ,635nm


The proponents of laser therapy believe it is one of the best ways to treat pain. Its potential

applications are numerous, and many patients turn to this treatment option as an alternative

to medication or surgery. In this blog, we’ll look at the use of laser therapy and how it can

be a beneficial tool in treating inflammation.



Low-Level Laser (Light) Therapy
This treatment method is also known as phototherapy or photobiomodulation. It is

becoming a popular technology used to treat a variety of conditions. With this kind of

therapy, a light source is placed near the skin, allowing the photons to penetrate the

tissue. It then causes a chain of physiological reactions in the damaged tissues.

In dermatology, laser therapy is employed to address skin imperfections. These

include acne scars, wrinkles, and burn scars. It is also used to treat hyperpigmentation.



Deep Tissue Laser Therapy for Inflammation
The noninvasive nature of deep tissue laser therapy is a perfect alternative to drugs

and surgery. It is often used to address both acute and chronic conditions


The LightForce treatment head used by the pain specialists at Delaware Back

Pain & Sports Rehabilitation Centers can address inflammation and deep tissue

conditions. With LightForce, we can deliver the right amount of energy while

controlling the underlying tissue and muscle, which intensifies the effectiveness

of the treatment. Deep tissue laser therapy stimulates and accelerates healing

and tissue regeneration, reduces inflammation, and restores normal cellular function.


Laser therapy is beneficial for treating the pain and inflammation associated


with the following conditions:

Neck and shoulder pain
Low back pain
Knee pain
Disc problems
Sports injuries, like sprains and strains
Foot and ankle conditions
Benefits of Using Laser Therapy


A large number of doctors have already employed laser therapy in clinical procedures

with evident therapeutic effects for their patients.

Reduces inflammation and pain without side effects
According to studies, the use of lasers in therapy bears little to no risk. Side effects

are minor and minimal. With this, there is no burn risk or the possibility of health issues

in the long run. Patients who have undergone laser therapy have reported long-lasting pain relief.



Treatment Deep Tissue Physical Therapy Laser Machine 635nm 405nm Red Laser 0


Effective in acute and chronic conditions
It is best to administer the treatment as soon as possible for faster recovery. The sooner the

inflammation is reduced, the earlier the recovery process can begin. For those who have chronic

conditions, laser therapy can help address persistent pain and inflammation associated with them.

Treatment is customizable and adjustable
Laser therapy is a versatile treatment that can be adjusted depending on the specific needs of

each patient.


Patients feel good during the treatment
Patients report feeling a soothing warmth and enjoy the experience of getting deep tissue laser therapy.

The laser gently penetrates the tissues and feels therapeutic, while simultaneously increasing the body’s

regenerative abilities to reduce inflammation and pain.



Treatment Deep Tissue Physical Therapy Laser Machine 635nm 405nm Red Laser 1Treatment Deep Tissue Physical Therapy Laser Machine 635nm 405nm Red Laser 2



Treatment Deep Tissue Physical Therapy Laser Machine 635nm 405nm Red Laser 3



Advantages over other modes of therapy?


LLLT has been found to offer superior healing and pain relieving effects compared to other

electrotherapeutic modalities, especially in the early stages of acute injuries, and for chronic

problems. LLLT an also be used for acupuncture point stimulation. LLLT is a universal method

of treating muscle, tendon, ligament, connective tissue, bone and skin tissue with one simple

piece of equipment, however, the best results are achieved when it is used to compliment other

manual therapy techniques. It is non-invasive, drug-free, pain free and of short duration-usually

2-5 minute per treatment.laser models



Treatment Deep Tissue Physical Therapy Laser Machine 635nm 405nm Red Laser 4



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does the laser treatment hurt?

A: No, there is virtually no heat or sensation


Q: How long are the treatments?
A: Treatment times can vary depending upon the protocols and pain severity, but in general actual

laser exposure times are minimal - a few minutes per treatment, with regularly scheduled treatments

based upon the nature of the ailment.


Q: What kind of results should I expect?
A: Patients and doctors alike report accelerated healing and pain reduction.


Q: What is the laser doing to me?
A: The exact "mechanism" of low level laser therapy is not yet clearly understood, however

the overwhelming results speak for themselves. Scientists and doctors around the world are

investigating the underlying mechanisms at work when low level lasers are utilized.


Q: Is it possible to "overdose" with a low level laser?
A: No. While it is always advisable to follow established and proven protocols, low level

laser light is among the safest of all treatments available today.


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